Market Snapshot

Give buyers real time market updates

Deliver real-time market and property updates personalized for your buyers and sellers. Show your clients exactly the types of properties they’re looking for.


Show sellers their home value

Share relevant local listing and market data, and add your interpretation to give potential sellers an idea of their home value.


Stay in touch with your database and sphere

Stay in touch with your sphere of influence using local market data, stats and information that personalized and meaningful to them.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I want more details about the graphs and tables. What data is there?

From the listings retrieved from the MLS, the following numbers are calculated and displayed in tables:

1. Average days on market. Viewing the 90-day trend will provide a chart mapping Time On Market activity and data on total For Sale and Sold homes.

2. Selling vs Asking Price. Viewing the 90-day trend will provide a chart comparing the selling and asking prices as well as a breakdown on the number of homes sold above asking price, at asking price, and below asking price.

3. Average Selling Price. Viewing the 90-day trend will provide a chart mapping Asking Prices and Sold Prices over the previous 90 days, and show the Highest, Lowest, Average, and Median prices.

4. Number of homes for sale. Viewing the 90-day trend will provide a chart comparing the number of homes for sale (new and existing listings) to the total homes sold.

How do I integrate Top Producer with Market Snapshot?

During the initial setup of Market Snapshot, the setup wizard provided an opportunity to integrate your accounts. If the integration was not completed during the setup wizard, it can still be completed afterwards.

Integrating your Top Producer account with your Market Snapshot (Top Marketer) account enables you to do the following:

  • Access your Top Producer contacts and send them Market Snapshots from within the Top Marketer Control Panel.
  • Receive newly captured leads.
  • Send and track Snapshots inside Top Producer Contact Records.
  • Send Market Snapshots to inquiries automatically if you subscribe to Along with enabling integration between Top Producer and Top Marketer, additional setup is required for this feature.
Is there a limit to how many Market Snapshots I can have running at any time?

No. Use as many as you want or need.

Can I see what the Market Snapshot looks like for my leads?

Every time Top Marketer sends a Market Snapshot to one of your leads, you will also get an email with the link to the Snapshot so you can see exactly what each of your leads is seeing. You can also view the Market Snapshot from the Market Snapshot Status Report, and if you have Top Producer, from the Top Producer Contact or Lead Details screens.

Can Team Members Create a Market Snapshot?

If you subscribe to both Top Marketer (Market Snapshot) and Top Producer with multiple Agent accounts, only the Responsible Agent account (main account owner) will be able to create a Market Snapshot. Team members will not have access to the Market Snapshot functions in Top Producer, nor be able to log into Top Marketer from Top Producer.

If a team member is provided with the Responsible Agent’s username and password, they can log in to Top Producer and Market Snapshot and subsequently generate a Snapshot. However, the Snapshots will still contain the branding of the Responsible Agent.

Important: We do not recommend giving your username and password out at any time

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