One thing all top producing real estate agents have in common is the ability to execute a follow-up plan. In order to execute a plan, you’ve got to have a plan.

Welcome to the One Week Lead Conversion Plan.

It has a few simple goals:

  1. Make a good first impression
  2. Qualify needs and timeline
  3. Provide valuable content and prove your expertise
  4. Nurture until conversion

The difference between a successful lead conversion and yet another unresponsive lead is all in the details. Follow up like a top producing agent and you will start to convert more leads. Let’s get started!

Day 1: Show up and stand out. Make a good first impression.

You just received a new lead. There’s no time to waste. Call immediately – less than five minutes is ideal.

Remember, this call is your first impression. Here’s a few tips to show up like a pro:

  1. Be prepared. You should know what you’re going say. Top producing agents don’t have to read a script because they’ve read a script so many times that it’s memorized. Having a script doesn’t mean you’re reading, it means you have a framework for the call, good qualifying questions ready, a desired outcome in mind and rebuttals on the tip of your tongue for any objection you might get.
  2. Be enthusiastic. Bring energy to the call. What’s great about this is that your prospects will pick up their energy level to match yours. Regardless of the outcome of the call, when they hang up the phone their energy level and mood should be lifted from your call.
  3. Be an expert. Now is the time to answer any questions they have and ask good questions back to learn more about their goals. Top producing agents know how to qualify their clients so that they can use their own time efficiently and send the most relevant and helpful content.

After the call, follow up again. If your prospect didn’t answer, always leave a voicemail and send an email and a text message. Send relevant content and give them another way to reach back out to your with additional questions. Does your prospect prefer email, text messages or phone calls? Discovering your prospects’ preferred communication method could be the difference between a great connection and an unresponsive client.

Day 3: Follow up and prove you’re a valuable resource.

Prove to your lead you know how to follow-up and always provide value. Most agents don’t follow-up at all, so following up again here is critical. Go above and beyond to show your expertise and hammer in the fact that you’re a go-to agent.

  1. Second phone call. Follow up with your lead with a second phone call and/or voicemail. If you connect with them ask them what they thought of the information you sent that after your first call and ask if they have any questions about it. Be prepared with recent market activity in case the client asks, but the point of this call is still to learn more about their wants and needs and less about you talking about what’s happening out there. Get their voicemail? Grab their attention and give them a reason to call you back.

    “Hey it’s Greg over at ABC Realty. We spoke on the phone a few days ago. I know you were interested in homes in Vancouver, BC, and I came across something I think you might be interested in. Call me back 555-555-5555.”

  2. Follow-up with an email/article. After the call or voicemail send a follow-up email linking to an article the client would be interested in. No, not about their hobbies if you uncovered those already…About real estate! Working with a new buyer? Send a Buyer’s Guide or link to an article about the Top 10 Mistakes Buyer’s Make. Working with a seller? Top 10 Ways to Sell Your Home For More. Better yet, link to your own blog with your own articles.


Do you have a blog yet? It’s the easiest way to drive more organic search traffic to your real estate website and get more leads, provide more value and truly become an expert in your local market.

Day 5: Deliver data and show your expertise.

Hopefully you’ve been able to connect with your new lead a few times by now and know a little bit more about their goals and needs. Now’s the time to provide specific market information to help them make an informed decision.

  1. Send a Market Update. Use your MLS tool or better yet, automate the entire process with Market Snapshot and send beautiful, branded, mobile-friendly, market updates to your new leads without lifting a finger.

Day 7: Execute long-term plan

By now you’ve shown your new lead that you’re an experienced realtor with expertise in their local market and that you’re willing to go above and beyond to service them and help them buy or sell. However, they may still be 30, 60, 90 or more days away from taking action so you need to start your long-term follow-up plan.

  1. Call again. Talk or leave voicemail. Call back and see if they have any questions about the market report you sent over. If you talk with them, get an accurate idea of their timeline for taking action. You’re always going to follow-up early. If they say 6 months – call in 4. If they say 10 months call in 8. Early and often is better as long as you call with good intentions and ready to answer questions or provide helpful information.
  2. Initiate an email drip campaign. An email drip campaign in a great way to educate your client about their upcoming transaction and also show your expertise and why they would want to work with you. The key here also is automation. You could have emails going to 20 or more people everyday without lifting a finger. You’re in multiple places at once!
  3. Continue to send market updates. Set your clients up on a long term search or use a tool like Market Snapshot to provide market updates. Keeping your clients informed not only positions you as their go-to resource, it also might prompt them to act sooner if they like what they see in the updates.

The purpose of your follow-up plan is to convert the lead. In order to do this, you need to be persistent and provide valuable information to your new prospect.

It’s important to not hide behind email. When you’re talking with your lead the goal is to set up a meeting with them in person. If you can’t close them on a meeting they’re not going to believe you should represent them for one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives, so be confident and book the meeting.

Remember, most agents don’t follow-up more than once or twice. By using automation tools you can follow-up for months or years with minimal effort and provide incredible value (in between phone calls).This is important because every clients’ timeline is different and they may not be ready to take action for up to 18 months.

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