Manage paperless transactions

Finally, go paperless with Reesio’s cloud-based transaction management. Modern design, fluid interface and easy onboarding helps you get up and running fast.

Collaborate effortlessly


Take advantage of full deal-room collaboration with all members of your transactions. Share documents, send messages, collect e-signature and stay completely streamlined and organized.

Complete compliance


Track and document every task and document shared. Set up workflows for your team to ensure consistency and reduce your liability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Reesio work?

Reesio has built the simplest and easiest system for you to manage your agents’ transactions in the cloud. You have complete visibility into every detail of your agents’ transactions at all times, you have the ability to set up workflows and processes that your agents have to follow, and you have full auditing/reviewing capabilities of your agents’ documents and tasks. All of this gives you the peace of mind knowing that your agents are following required processes, thus reducing liability and risk for your brokerage.

Reesio’s Transaction Management product gives you complete visibility into every detail of your agents’ transactions at all times, thus reducing liability and risk for your brokerage. Our Offers Management features will streamline the marketing and offers process for your brokerage.

How much does Reesio cost?

You can get started with Reesio for just $30/user/month. Brokerages of 4+ users may be eligible for greater discounts. Check out our pricing page for more information and additional bundle discounts.

What is the exact amount of the bulk pricing discount that I can get for my brokerage?

It all depends on the number of seats that you purchase and how quickly you buy them. I can give you an exact quote if you email me at Please provide your phone number and number of agents in your brokerage when contacting me so that I can give you a call back with a specific quote for discounted pricing.

Can I have the choice of paying for all of my agents’ subscriptions under one credit card or requiring each of them to pay for their own subscriptions?

Absolutely! Reesio offers both “Group” and “Individual” billing options. Group billing means that you’ll pay for all seats within your brokerage under your credit card, and you’ll be able to assign which brokerage members receive paid seats and which ones do not. You can choose this option simply by purchasing 2 or more seats during your first time when buying new seats. Individual billing means that each person within your brokerage will pay for his/her own seat with his/her own credit card. If a user doesn’t pay for a seat, he/she won’t have a paid subscription. You can choose this option simply by purchasing just 1 seat during your first time when buying new seats.

Please note that we do not currently support a mixture of Group and Individual billing within a brokerage (i.e. you can’t pay for 2 seats in your brokerage and then have a 3rd person pay for his/her own seat). You must choose one option or the other.

Will each user within my brokerage need a paid account?

Any user from within your brokerage whom you’ll be adding to a transaction or whom will be creating transactions must have a paid account in order to access that transaction and to use Reesio. The reason for this is because Reesio has an out of pocket cost per user for the e-signatures portion of our product, and we need to pass that cost on to our customers, otherwise we’d lose money on non-paying users. In addition, we want to minimize situations where just one person within a brokerage ends up “creating transactions on behalf of everyone else”, which would essentially mean that you’d only have to pay for one user and everyone else within the brokerage could use Reesio for free.

Anyone from a different brokerage that you add to a transaction, as well as any third parties or clients that you add to a transaction, do NOT need to have a paid account to use Reesio.

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