Simple Guide to Online Lead Conversion

Simple Guide to Online Lead Conversion

Simple Online Lead Conversion Strategy

Are you considering buying leads from, Zillow or Trulia, but not sure if you will be able to convert them into sales? Maybe you are already buying or receiving free online leads but you’re not getting the kind of ROI you thought you would get.

You need a lead conversion strategy. It has to be simple. It has to be automated. It has to provide great value to the consumer.

Most online leads that do convert, take a minimum of 3-6 months to gain any traction. That doesn’t mean they won’t make you money! You just need to have a system to ensure you stay top of mind with your leads for long enough to collect.

So let’s get into this! The simple, 8 step strategy to double (at least!) your online lead conversion:

Step 1: Buyer inquires about property and the lead is automatically entered into your Top Producer CRM. No need for manual entry of lead details.

Step 2: A few minutes later, FiveStreet automatically sends the lead an authentic-sounding email and text message. It’s important that a few minutes passes because an instant text message response would feel like a robot, not a Realtor. If you’re in a team, FiveStreet broadcasts the lead to your team members for the first available agent to claim. Finally, track lead conversion analytics in FiveStreet‘s dashboard and discover your highest-converting lead sources.

Step 3: Now it’s your turn. Send the lead a Market Snapshot for their local market. It takes less than a minute and will automatically send them beautifully-branded, high quality, accurate market updates every two weeks. Your lead conversion will be very poor if you lose contact with your lead. This is long-term, effortless incubation and lead conversion at it’s finest.

Step 4: Back to autopilot for a moment. Increase your lead conversion by giving your leads updates that may encourage them to examine the market more closely and make a move. In addition to the bi-weekly market updates, Market Snapshot also automatically sends your leads real-time Just Listed, Price Change and Sold Alerts for their area of interest with data pulled directly from the MLS.

Step 5: Hopefully you’ve qualified your lead by now. Open Top Producer CRM and set them up on a drip campaign that matches their buying timeframe. These plans have been created with lead conversion in mind, so use one of the dozens of plans included with the CRM or create your own to suite your specific needs.

Step 6: With Top Producer CRM‘s drip campaign and Market Snapshot‘s bi-weekly reports going out to your lead you are sure to stay top of mind no matter how long it takes them to make their move. When they’re ready, find them their dream home and complete the transaction. You just made online lead conversion look easy.

Step 7: Your lead is now a past client. Congratulations! Change their status in Top Producer CRM and adjust their assigned follow-up plans. Adjust Market Snapshot to send quarterly updates and only the Sold Alerts. Finally, assign a new drip campaign in Top Producer CRM. There is a great 10-year after sale plan will engage your past clients for an entire decade automatically.

Step 8: You should have a satisfied client at this point and you’ve got an automated follow-up solution keeping you top of mind, so you should be receiving referrals or repeat business soon. When you receive a referral, circle back to Step 3 above and start the lead conversion process again.

Happy Selling!

Greg Libby is an Account Executive with Top Producer and providing software tools and business development consulting for Realtors who want to grow their business.

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